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Did you know that Edmonton is one of the largest cities by area in North America? It’s slightly larger than the country of Cyprus in the Mediterranean! The people of Edmonton care a lot about getting great fuel economy out of their vehicles because they have a lot of ground to cover in their commute.

For optimum fuel efficiency the Dodge Grand Caravan provides the selectable fuel economizer. It adjusts engine timing and transmission shift points to optimize fuel economy. To activate it, all you have to do is press the “ECON” button in the center stack.



Drivers in Calgary know how important safety is,especially especially when it comes to the various driving conditions they experience throughout the year. At any time the weather can change from sunny one minute to raining the next, at times, even snowing in late Spring!

Strong and lightweight, the Grand Caravan is formed by welding high-strength steel sheet metal stampings into a single structure, resulting in a stiff body structure and torsional rigidity. This means better impact protection, smoother ride and handling characteristics, and less interior noise. This is good news for Calgary drivers who are looking for safe cars to get them through the seasons.

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